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Our Mission


The Mission of Women In Unity is to support positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children and families in the Edgefield community by providing programs that will significantly improve their chance for success in school, in the workplace, and in the home. 

Our Goals

We are committed to ensure that every child and family is safe, comfortable, enjoyable experience during after school hours.  We will always extend unconditional positive regard to all children and will create a welcoming and protective environment. 

Women In Unity is recognized as an effective nonprofit organization that has been serving the Edgefield, South Carolina community since 2002.  The day-to-day operations of Women In Unity (WIU) are the responsibility of Mrs. Essie B. Nicholson, founder and Chief Executive Officer.  An energetic Board of Directors provides oversight and guidance to the organization as well as takes an active role in fundraising and program development.  All board members involved in other organizations in the local community and serve as advocates for WIU projects and programs.  The WIU volunteers and the consistent and generous support received from the Edgefield community are the organization's primary assets.  Women In Unity has been staffed primarily by volunteers since its founding.  At the WIU Learning and Development Center in the Town of Edgefield, Mrs. Nicholson is supported by a dedicated volunteer staff that includes a secretary, treasurer, office and kitchen assistants, tutor, and classroom aides.  Several of the staff have retired from careers in related field.  WIU also works with the South Carolina Department of Social Services, the Edgefield County One Stop Workforce Center, Strom Thurmond's Vocational Release Program, and the Aiken County Foster Grandparent Program to supplement the WIU volunteer workforce.  Although WIU is a United Way agency, the majority of the financial support comes from individual donations and from fundraising efforts throughout the year.  Women In Unity is supported by members who are committed to providing financial support to the organization.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please click the button below.

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